Bass Guo (CN)

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Top Chinese Electronic Music Producer & DJ Bass Guo Music Style: Electronica、Techno、Acid House、Tech House 2002 - 2007, as the bassist of band Cool Blood Animals, he recorded albums "XTX", Only One Wish" and "Reggae and Chinese Zither". In 2005, he was in cooperation with the psychedelic band Fei Xu, recorded the album "Wu Kong". In 2007, he established one and first true sense of the reggae band LONG SHEN DAO, besides he has being the songwriter, leading singer and bassist in the group till now. He released the album “Embrace" in 2011. As DJ in 2012, Bass Guo hosted China Moon series electronic music party, released the personal Chinese Zither and Jazz Trio album "Four Return" in the same year. [In Chinese called “Si Xiang Fan"]. In 2016, the band LONG SHEN DAO released the album "Freedom", cooperated with Mansion records then released single "Asian Zoo" in European countries and China at the same year. Bass Guo have been invited to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom and other European countries and regions to participate in the music festival and hold tour shows. In 2014, Bass Guo began as a DJ joining in Strawberry Music Festival, MIDI Electronic Music Festival, Sound Of The Xity, and the Great Wall Electronic Music Festival and even performed on the electronic stages of other large music festival. Cooperated with the Netherlandish music label RELEASE, the UK electronic music label Psy Trance Goa Pro-ductions, Beijing Techhouse team 3 + 2 and Shanghai The Mansion team many times. At the same time, as lead singer of the chief reggae band [LongShenDao] in China, BassGuo and his band participated in the world's most influential British Glastonbury Festival in 2015. In September 2016, Bass Guo as a music DJ producer, formally contracted with ModernSky, his Live Set performance will also in the name of "Bai Si Guo in Bass Guo", performed with well-known musician. In October of the same year, Bass Guo was invited to Holland to participate in one of the world's largest electronic music festival Amsterdam Dance Event, shorted as "ADE". 中国顶级电子音乐制作人DJ 音乐⻛格:Electronica、Techno、Acid House、Tech House 电子音乐制作人,DJ。 2002-2007年担任冷血动物⻉斯手,录制《XTX》、《只 有一个愿望》、《雷鬼古筝》等唱片;2005年与迷幻乐队废墟合作录制专辑《悟 空》;2007年组建中国第一支真正意义上的雷鬼乐队⻰神道,担任词曲作者、主 唱及⻉斯手至今,并于2011年发行专辑《拥抱》;2012年担任DJ并主办China Moon系列电子音乐派对,同年发行个人古琴与爵士三重奏专辑《四象返》; 2016年所在乐队⻰神道发行专辑《自由》,同年与Mansion唱片合作在中国与欧 洲同步发行单曲《Asian Zoo》。曾受邀赴日本、澳大利亚、新⻄兰、韩国、加 拿大、英国、欧洲等国家和地区参加音乐节演出及巡演,其创作的多重性让一切 在Bass Guo的现场都成为可能。 2014年Bass Guo开始以DJ身份在各地的草莓音乐节、MIDI电子音乐节、影响城 市之声、成都动静跨年电子音乐节、阴阳⻓城电子音乐节等多个大型音乐节电子 舞台表演,并与知名荷兰电子乐厂牌RELEASE、英国PsyTrance厂牌 GoaProductions、北京Techhouse团队3+2、上海TheMansion嚎宅团队进行 多次合作。同时作为中国首席雷鬼乐队【⻰神道】主唱在2015年携乐队参演过全 球最具影响力的英国Glastonbury Festival音乐节。 2016年9月,Bass Guo以DJ音乐制作人身份正式签约摩登天空,其Live Set演出 形式还将以“百寺国BassGuo”为名,与知名现场音乐家进行合作表演。同年10 月,Bass Guo受邀前往荷兰,参演世界最大的电子音乐盛会之一Amsterdam Dance Event(ADE)。
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