Bald 'N' Hairy (NL)

So you thought you have seen it all in the now so called EDM scene?? Guess you got bored with the same acts, every time, everywhere on every place you went. You must have been thinking "Been there, done that" We know that's a pain in the ass realizing that when you spend so much money on your ticket. Now here is the deal we're not going tell you in a few minutes that we have the ultimate solution for you. We only are going to tell a little story that doesn't start with "Once upon a time…" Here it is, actually it's like mixing a rare unique cocktail. What do you get if you combine a funky hairy deephouse minded hiphop soulbrother with an energetic electro baldy dude coming from a Hardstyle backgroud? Well that unique rareness is exactly what we are excited about. It's fucking unbelievable when you mix two different kinds of style together you get something that sounds like it's not human anymore. The new DJ-duo Bald'N'Hairy better known as solo artists Chris Decent and Dayo Nasty decided to bound forces right after they released their single "Running Circles" on Strangers in Paradise Recordings. The chemistry was so overwhelming that it was a natural action to start an act to let the world know how to create a unique sound when you combine different styles into one.
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