B Jones (ES)

B Jones is considered by the public and the electronic industry as one of the most outstanding and charismatic ambassadors of Ibiza. A fierce identity that has led B Jones to be Pacha Ibiza and its World Tour ´s image during an important period of her career. B Jones has played in more than 200 clubs in 40 different countries distributed amongst 5 continents and more than 145k followers in social media. Her nomination as “Best Artist of the Year” in the Vicious Music Awards and her presence in the Top 100 Djanes in #83 has driven her to go through the best clubs in the world in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland or United Kingdom in Europe; United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay or Chile in America; India, Philippines, Singapore, Japan or South Korea in Asia; and in Africa Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and South Africa. A year after Pacha added her to its Agency and Pacha Ibiza World Tour choosing her as ambassador DJ. Her ascent inside the brand didn’t end there, in 2014 she got a residency in Pure Pacha and she Mixeed CD1 Pure Pachá released by Pachá Recordings. A task that she managed to combine without problems with her performances in the white island in different clubs such as the Mambo Ibiza group, Nassau Beach Club, KM5 or Blue Marlin. In 2017 with her role as a DJ perfectly consolidated and at its peak, B Jones decides to explode her role as a producer and signs with DoctorMusic.dj Label from Barcelona to release “Come Closer” the single she recorded with British singer Leon Cormack. She is also selected as the resident Dj in Ibiza at Ushuaia for KYGO´s party each Sunday of July and August and also invited to the MTV party to share the stage with The Chainsmokers, Jonas Blue and Icona Pop.
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