Austin Leeds (GB)

"Without a doubt one of the hottest new producers in the Progressive House music world. Austin Leeds can associate himself with names like 'Bedrock', 'Sasha', 'Digweed', & 'Global Underground'. One of Austin Leeds productions featured on the Compilation CD 'Communicate', the only DJ mix CD ever to crack the Billboard top 200." Producer In a relatively short space of time, Austin Leeds has made a significant impact on the global dance community. Based at his home in Miami, Florida Austin devotes countless hours to his many and varied Dj/Production projects. His impressive track record has already attracted the attention of many major DJs and producers throughout the world. With releases with labels such as Bedrock, Zone UK and Bliss, plus inclusion on numerous compilations his reputation is growing rapidly. Austin has had studio collaborations with well known artists and DJ's including Jimmy Van M, Cass & Slide, Mara, Deep Funk Project, Innate, Nu-breed, and Origin. Regular inclusion of Leeds's tracks on major DJ releases by the likes of Deep Dish and Sasha & Digweed provide further testimony to his stylish productions. As a DJ Austin's technical ability and flawless programming rank him among the best, his sets being renowned for their seamless integration of deep, driving baselines and swirling atmospherics, luring the crowd into a hypnotic frenzy. Austin has played some of the biggest and best clubs and parties in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, England, and the USA and he keeps adding destinations to his list. Following a hectic schedule around the Miami Winter Music Conference, Austin is staying at home in Florida before returning to London in mid July, for a month of work in and around Europe. Projects Last year Austin teamed up with Martin Accorsi to deliver a dark techy remix of Pappa & Gilbey: Twisted for Florida based label Inversus. Austin has other tracks forthcoming on Inversus including Lorient: Salvation (With Natious), Rock: Resistance (With Origin), and ASAN: 1969, he also has an EP coming out on SAW recordings as ACL as well as remixes under that name. Collaborations with some of Australia's coolest Underground producers will see Austin Leeds name on future releases from amongst others Zero Tolerance and Thunk Recordings. Sometime in 2002 Austin plans to launch his own label, lookout for 'Hamachi' Records. For recent compilation inclusion seek out Anthony Pappa's new mix CD 'Resolutions' (React) in stores worldwide now, the tracks Bala - 'The Stand' and Mara - 'Computer Beats' were both collaborations written by Austin Leeds featuring on the album.
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