Astro (NL)

Raised in rooms filled with music, sound became an important part of Arnout’s life early on while listening to the sounds of the Oscar Peterson trio, Billy Joel, Bach and so many others. Walking his way through the young stages of life, he discovers more alternative styles of music from which he learned that the feeling melodies can create was what fascinated him the most. It was around this time Arnout’s brother introduced him to the minimal vibe that was going on around 2005-2007. Being amazed by what he heard, Arnout started exploring what 20 years of electronic music had to offer. Now, after 7 years of discovering, learning, listening and producing, his passion for making music evolved in a clear goal and vision, for what music should mean, feel like and tell. After going public in the beginning of 2014, his surroundings immediately showed great interest in his way of combining intimate and meaningful melodies with house and techno grooves, symphonies and harmonies with raw electronic sounds; a combination of old and new, creating curiosity for his first long awaited release.
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