ASHER SWISSA a.k.a Skazi in his side project - “The Secret Project By ASHER SWISSA“
With a softer tempo than usual, Swissa goes out on a magical experience of an electronic melodic Techno and progressive house project, full of melodies and special vocalists.
In 2020-2021 Asher released some of the biggest hits played on club dance floors:
“Buzzing” “Where Are You Going“,” Enta Omri (Remix Version) and “Love tonight (Remix version) “ for Shouse biggest summer hit,
“Burning“, “Special K” and “That’s Who We Are“ at IbogaTech Records,
“Unity“ on Miss Monique record Label “Siona Records“.

Swissa ended 2021 with more than 150 shows with the “Buzzing Tour“

For 2022 Asher Swissa project is going for collaborations with big names from melodic techno and progressive house scenes

Togther with DJ Korolova they will release their debut album together on “BlackHole Recordings“,a collaboration with Miss Monique

And “Daleko” with Erika Krall on “Area Verde”.

Electronic Music Producer – SKAZI, the Israeli well known DJ, producer, performer and TV Star, is considered to be one of the leading names in the worldwide electronic dance music and trance scenes.

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