Arsello (SI)

Behind the artistic name of Arsello is a DJ, remixer and music producer. His passion for music started in his teens when he was learning to play the piano in music school. He always spent all of his money on synths and drum machines learning the skills and trying out new things. Then at the age of 16 he started DJ-ing and producing his own music. At first he was producing Hip-Hop and RnB, but in the past years his main focus and passion is producing Electronic House Music. He has made great progress in the last two years position­ing himself as one of the most recognized house DJs and producers in his home country and even performed live on national TV and thus setting himself up for worldwide success. Currently he is working on bringing his career to the next level and showing his skills and productions to a global audience, as he is taking over Soundcloud and lnstagram by storm.
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