Aroma Pitch (DE)

Aroma Pitch is an electronic music trio from Berlin. The group grew up in Cologne and began to create various types of electronic dance music with their analogue synthesizers, drum machines and harmonized instruments quite some years ago. Being inspired by versatile fields such as classical drumming and Jazz piano they show great enthusiasm for sophisticated rhythms and multi-layered chords. No matter if they perform live or as a DJ team, Aroma Pitch surprises the audience and leaves them amazed with their versatile taste in dance music. The characteristic of playing as a trio brings a unique atmosphere, creating a special communion between Aroma Pitch and their audience. So far Aroma Pitch have played a diverse range of clubs and concert halls such as Stadtgarten, Studio 672, Gewölbe (Cologne), About Blank, OHM, Tresor, Prince Charles, Philharmonie (Berlin), Uebel & Gefährlich, Golem, PAL (Hamburg) as well as festivals like Dimensions, Melt!, SXSW and Movement.
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