Arjo Klingens (NL)

Speaker (LaLaLa Management)

Arjo started her management company LaLaLa over a decade ago. Founded on 15 years work as an artist, music teacher and assistant- tax-adviser for artists, LaLaLa delivers a strong business and creative network, knowledge and experience, behind a clear vision set case-by-case with each artist. Arjo graduated on Electric Guitar from the Conservatory Rotterdam. Music and music creators are what it’s all about for Mrs LaLaLa. She is currently working with one of Europe's finest pop/rock bands, the critically acclaimed De Staat. Other clients are Maydien (hiphop/soul), Mozes and the Firstborn (indie rock), Remy van Kesteren (pop/classical) and drum n bass hardcore label PRSPCT. Besides artist manager she is also chairman for the Dutch “Popcoalitie”.

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