Andrewboy (HU)

Andrewboy started to Dj at the age of 14. He attended a Dj competition in the early 90's and he won that straight away as the youngest Dj. He's got a double gold record sales, also he was finalist in many years for the Hungry's best dj award by Ballantine's, which he won in 2015 He is a fundamental member of the hungarian club scene, he has got many club hits and also he had a few well received producer album as well. He's resident dj of 3 elite clubs in Budapest such as Pacha, Home and Coronita, he has got 5 official mix albums,they were nominated for all the music awards. His tracks appear on many club mixes as well. Andrewboywas successful in more musical styles and was respected by the music industry and also he is loved by club goers. He had many international club hits and his tracks were released by top lables all over the world un his international alterego.
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