Andreea Florica (RO)

Speaker (Eventix)

Andreea Florica is the Head of Marketing at Eventix - the Dutch leading ticketing system. With a total of 12 years experience in digital marketing, she has been spending the past 5 ones leading the domain that is at the forefront of generating clients for businesses. Having spent some time in both B2C (gaming and fintech) as well as B2B (SaaS), she believes in bridging human, emotional based marketing with feature based software. Driving growth is what she does best so she's always looking first at the big picture and data trends of the business before going granular on solutions. Andreea joined Eventix this year, embracing a new challenge in the ticketing industry and taking over the marketing realm. She's playing a pivotal role in growing and expanding the business with a soft touch for educating their clients. Following her passion for this domain, she's also teaching an online course of Advanced Digital Marketing on Skillab. Her experience paired with the interest for innovating marketing makes her a force in the world of events.

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