Amir Hussain (BH)

By around end of 2007 & still in high school Amir had only just discovered Trance and was keenly interested in the genre. Early influences include Tiesto & Armin van Buuren. Tiesto is the earliest influence on Amir's musical taste in electronic music and had paved the way for him to look into the genre more and find other artists. Artists such as Sean Tyas of which who's track ''Lift'' simply made Amir quit anything that wasn't Trance or electronic for the matter and never look back. Over the last year Amir has stamped his mark onto the Trance scene with his productions that have been supported by massive names such as Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Mark Sherry, Lisa Lashes and many more. He took up DJ'ing as soon as possible at around mid-2008 and is self taught. Always having an ear for the hidden gems here and there - Amir's taste in Trance is not limited by style or tempo, his productions and sets reflect exactly the kind of sound his influences play and produce, everything in the Trance spectrum. He moved to the UK in 2010 to study a Communications & PR course but still found time to experience the trance scene in the country first-hand. As a DJ he had the privilege to play on the same line-ups with big names in the Trance scene such as Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry & Lange. The good thing that Amir prides himself with and is a very strong aspect of his arsenal is his flexibility of tune selections that can include music from other sub-genres of electronic music such as Techno/Progressive & Electro House. The future looks bright for Amir as an up and coming prospect. Don't be surprised and remember the name.
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