Allan Morrow (GB)

Allan Morrow is a name which has become synonymous with the worldwide Trance community recently, still in his early 20’s this talented DJ & producer from the United Kingdom has spent years perfecting his production talents and in turn his music has received support from various high profile DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Simon Patterson & Aly & Fila amongst many more. Allan first got immersed in Electronic Dance music by a visit to the clubbing capital of the world Ibiza; a trip to the legendary Amnesia for Cream followed and really opened his eyes to the immense power of Electronic music. Mesmerised by the Turntable trickery of Deck wizard Eddie Halliwell, this was a turning point for Allan and as soon as he returned to the UK he purchased his first set of Turntables, and began to hone his musical ear by perfecting the art of DJing. Not content with playing the music he loved to spin, it wasn’t long before Allan decided to set up his own home Studio and became involved in Music Production. Allan has invested several years mastering his sound and this has proven to be a valuable asset making Allan an Artist that produces 100% of his own material, without the need of Engineers or Ghost-writers, something that not many recent producers can claim today. This has lead to his productions forthcoming on credible labels such as Mental Asylum, Discover & Aria Knights. Allan also has a strong relationship with the respected UK based label Nu-Depth and has produced multiple hit records for the label, most noticeably ‘Down Under’ - a sublime futuristic slice of Trance which stormed the download charts at TrackItDown.Net. Allan’s production talents has not gone unnoticed and this has seen him remix one of Italy’s finest Trance exports Manuel Le Saux’s epic ‘Bring It Back’ in which Allan’s mix was supported twice on Future Sound Of Egypt.
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