Alexander Machts (DE)


Whether as an opener, at prime time or after hours, he masters the right spin at all times with his technoid, minimalist or deep sounds. He doesn't leave anything to chance when it comes to luring every last one onto the dance floor.

At the age of 12, Alexander Machts was already captivated by the power of flickering, colored lights and electronic music. He converted his youth residence into his own club! Motivated by unending enthusiasm, he bought his first turntable, his own mixer and hand-built other required equipment with all the buttons, lights, sounds, and technology that allowed him to really live and feel the music. From extensive parties at home and the growing love for turntables, the initial hobby turned into a passion. While at first spinning vinyl only happened in a smaller format with good friends, success expanded to the state of Thuringia soon after.

He played his first set in the Atomic Club in the small town of Ohrdruf, at the end of the 90s. And so, the foundation was laid. In 2001 Alexander moved to Kleve, where his personal journey as co-organizer of the unforgettable and legendary Kings Event series began. Shortly afterwards he became resident for over 10 years at HouseKeeper, the series of events in North Rhine-Westphalia that remains successful to this day. He gradually became one of the most booked techno DJs in the Lower Rhine region. Many more project opportunities opened up to the clubbable Thuringian, who has adopted the district of Kleve on the Dutch border as his new home. “Anthrazit”, based in Kleve and Cologne, promised precise and uncompromising techno and has been his second mainstay as a booker and organizer for many years. At the same time, however, Alexander Machts also developed a lasting love for Rheinmixen “Boat”, which he has been co-organizing and supporting as a resident since 2007.

For Alexander Machts, it is the mixture of passion and deep friendships that result in an attitude towards a life worth striving for.

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