Alex Zynge (IT)

Alessio Zingales (aka Alex Zynge) is an Italian musician, producer and DJ. He was born on February 28th 1995 and his musical journey starts from Capo d'Orlando, Sicily. From an early age he became passionate about music thanks to the influence of his parents, starting to study electric guitar at 12 in Sicily and moving to Milan to complete his studies.In 2014 he became passionate about electronic music, starting off self-producing various tracks including "Numbers" (bigroom) entering the HitMania compilation. In 2016, he completely switches genre, moving to Tech House, starting to play in various Sicilian clubs and venues, opening DJ sets of international artists such as Dj Ralph, Anna Tur, Ingrid and others. Since 2018 he's attending a music production school in Palermo. In the same year he produced his first track called "Tech Mood" for Lemonjuice Records starting to make headway in the tech house genre. He is already working on other important projects for the Tech house scene.
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