Adala (IR)

Iranian DJ & Producer Adala continues to make a solid mark on the electronic music industry, tenaciously rising to prominence over the past decade.Courtesy of his ever-growing catalogue the world is finally waking up to the sound of this unassuming artist. Now based in Germany, his early forays into Hip-Hop and role as a professional percussionist all firmly laid the foundations for his deep yet melodic mix of house, with a persistent drive aimed directly at the dance floor. Expect to hear a lot more of Adala as his global audience and industry influence takes a stronger hold. With an instantly recognizable trademark style, you can always tell when an Adala track surfaces cutting through the sound system. Cleverly interplaying a big room sensibility with raw but accessible components he maintains a clubland credibility often surpassing his peers. Throughout Adala productions a consistent theme underpins his arrangements & forges a body of work that fluently translates between the mainstream and effortlessly into the underground alike.
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