Acid Junkies (NL)

Acid Junkies is a dance act from The Netherlands. Their music is all about having fun: nowadays the only motivation for them is that they enjoy making the music and playing it for a crowd. The do not conform to any hipster styles or fashion, they just make and play the music they like. Live, they present themselves with a mix of solid techno music, played live and edited and enhanced with fragments of all kinds of dance music, spanning the last 20 years. From synthi-disco, via EBM towards house and techno. On singles and albums, the band¹s music has gone through a comparable evolution: Having started with the purest acid house music from the USA as a source of inspiration, the Acid Junkies add more and more modern elements to their music over the years. As a result, an entirely new sound has come into existence, both technically and musically. The name of the band might be the only memory of their past, musically speaking the band already steps into the future. In 2008 Acid Junkies present a new direction: slower pace, equal energy is their new motto. They also introduce a new digital label to the music worls: AJ Records. The label is primarily a digital imprint, with high quality releases distributed my many popular online stores. Occasionally a vinyl or CD release will occur, depending on demand. The label artists are not limited to the Acid Junkies, they have invited their friends and fellow musicians to contribute. The style of music varies, but is mostly targeted at a dance floor audience. Ranging from old skool acid bleeps to high tech electro with a scent of industrial and EBM-Body music, they can go anywhere they want with this label and that is exactly why they founded it. Expected is a series of rereleases of classic tunes, as well as some unreleased material from the treasure chest.
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