Abi Bah (SE)

This is my self explenation and my Abi Bah Mind Exploatation from now on called "ABME" or the little hipper Ab-Mee! I am a sound inventor, music producer and a quite terrible singer. That part actually took me some time to realize, but playing around with microphones and live recordings lead me to discover the amazing world of vibrations and acoustics. A am probably the worst biography writer in the universe, B dont stick to formulas that others do and I got my name right so I will live long, always be the baddest when I move and dance amazingly satisfying to at least myself. If you are still reading you might actually for real be interested in my grooves, so now you are cool too. I promoted my first rave in Stockholm 1992 and have since then booked,played on the same stages and remixed more artists than I could ever mention in this short story of my own, my Ab-Mee! I have released recordings on vinyl since 1999 and in downloadable formats since 2009, I used to have another quite similar name but that is history. oh almost forgot,...THE END
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