A Made Up Sound (NL)

Dutch nonconformist Dave Huismans may be best known for his heartfelt and genre-defying bass music experiments as 2562, but his longest-going project A Made Up Sound has been gaining just as much momentum lately. ''You might as well try and stop a train with wire coathangers'' is how one of techno's most widely recognized journalists quite aptly described the sheer force of A Made Up Sound's oddball yet funk-fueled take on house/techno. More specifically Rear Window, his recent appearance on the revered Delsin Records, indeed went down a storm on dancefloors worldwide - and still does, as do his previous releases on Clone's Basement Series, Shed's Subsolo imprint and his own self-titled boutique label that in 2011 is approaching its fifth 12'' release. Adding the much needed elements of unpredictability and guts to a techno/house scene that by and large plays it safe is what A Made Up Sound is after, reflected in his dj performances too. He effortlessly joins the dots between past & future and straight & offbeat like few others, taking risks and pairing energetic mixing skills with a deep knowledge of and passion for dance music through the years. He's playing regularly at the world's finest clubs, such as Berghain/Panoramabar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Trouw (Amsterdam) and The Bunker (New York).
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