ADE Style Guide

ADE Style Guide

In this interface you will find an overview of all instructions, specifications and deadlines for your partnership communication package. Please find an overview of the agreed content in your email.

General process

All content on owned channels must be approved by the ADE communication team before publishing. We would like to align content strategies and discuss, among others, combined posting, boosting and branded content tagging.

Handles and hashtags

Facebook: Amsterdam Dance Event
Instagram: @amsterdamdanceevent
Twitter: @ADE_NL
Hashtag: #ADE20

The ADE communication team is responsible for the final editing and content planning. At all times they retain the right to customize and/or reschedule content before and after publishing.

Communication on owned channels of partner

As mentioned, all communication by the partner should be created per the guidelines in the ADE Brand Pack. We ask you to use these assets for all designs and other content.

Online Posts


The ADE Tone of Voice is enthusiastic, down to earth, humorous, objective, clear, informal and never self-congratulatory.

ADE’s overall message is positivity in all things as far as it is possible to reasonably be, so don’t hold back with your passion/enthusiasm as it genuinely resonates with our audience. Do not be afraid to let your sentences run. English is by nature a rhythmic language, so use that to your advantage to create an engaging flow which draws people in. Always use British English - therefore please use the correct spell check.

Please keep in mind that a single ADE blog post should be between 250 - 500 words.


All photos (high res., 1033 x 640 px) must be cleared of logos and trademarks and contain no text. We want to keep the images as clean as possible.


To help us create relevant and aspiring blog content, please answer the following questions and attach this when delivering your concept blog post:- What is the background, vision and mission of your brand?- What is the main goal of your activation, event or content?- What are the key highlights or your activation, event or content?

Examples of partner blog-items

Moog Music

All content must be cleared of logos and trademarks and contain no text. We want to keep the photography as clean as possible. Please use handles and hashtag according to the guidelines stated before.


Timeline photo: 1200 x 630 px
Timeline video: min. 1080 x 1080 - 16:9 or 1:1
Copy: short and simple (ideal: 40 characters, 90 maximum)
Use @tags if applicable
Hashtag: 1 maximum
Optional: hyperlink - include call to action


Timeline photo: 1080 x 1080 px
Timeline video: min. 1080 x 1080 - 16:9 or 1:1
Copy: short and simple
Use @tags in copy if applicable
Hashtags: approximately 4


Timeline photo: 1024 x 512 px
Copy: short and simple (ideal: 70-100 characters)
Use @mentions if applicable
Use @mentions in photo if applicable (10 maximum)
Hashtag: 1 maximum
Optional: hyperlink

Brand Pack Download

The ADE Logo

Some general guidelines:


- Make sure the ADE trademarks (logo, colors or otherwise) are somehow present and sufficiently visible in your artwork.

- Use the ADE trademarks in a way that suggests any type of special endorsement (e.g. "ADE presents:...").
- Use the campaign / visual ID of years previous to ADE 2020.
- Create trademarks or visuals that copy ADE’s visual identity.
- Use our trademarks in a way that reflects negatively on ADE.
- Do not stretch or alter any shape.
- Do not change the font, font size, spacing and/or kerning.

We use Helvetica Neue Medium for all visual communications. The font family is included in the ADE Brand Pack.

The ADE label - Online
As in previous years, the logo can also be placed on your artwork as a label if you prefer.

The label can be placed on the entire (marked) upper edge, excluding the top corners.

The ADE label - Print
We’re not using the frame template this year, instead opting for the familiar ADE label. Again, the label can be placed on the entire marked top edge, excluding the corners. Note: for print works the ADE label should remain yellow.

EEE7 D9 E44 C9 BE808 FFDC46 A4 B86 F163 D pdf column 1
F2 CE1 B0868 E33841 F97 E2894077 EEA4 E pdf column 1

The ADE Colors

Artworks and designs can also make use of the trademark ADE colours: black and yellow, sometimes accompanied by white and a range of grey tones.

Fundamental colours for ADE are of course black and yellow. White and grey shades have their function as well. Here are the correct colour values.

9 BB77 D3 D2 C530 D6 DB7 DCF6 D2 D3 D5054 A pdf column 1
22462156 C4721 D4 DBE4431358 FA67 D38 pdf column 1

Creative Logo Use

We want to support your creativity in promoting your ADE 2020 events, so instead of forcing strict templates, this year we want to try out being more flexible in our collaborations.

The following pages show some examples on how to include ADE in your artwork, banners, posters, etc - as well as some examples on what not to do. We’re curious to see your own inventiveness so don’t hesitate to deviate from our suggestions.

If you're unsure about your intended use of the ADE brand assets, feel free to reach out to us.

ADE reserves the right to reject artworks that incorporate wrongful use of the trademarks, as well as designs without any recognizable ADE presence.

Example: Creative logo implementations

Sometimes our fitted label and your visual style don't completely line up. We are open to adapting ADE's logo colour in order to make it match your artwork. Of course, please send us your artworks for approval prior to production/release.

614070330 DDC48 B75 C2 D2561 F48 DE494 pdf column 1
Ade20 xxv169 Tekengebied 361

- It is not allowed to manipulate the ADE assets graphically for uses not described on this page.
- Ensure all stakeholders are informed and in possession of the assets! You are (partly) responsible for this.
- Send us your artwork in the template for approval.
- We reserve the right to reject the artwork if it does not meet our requirements.
- The ADE brand may only be used under the terms of our agreement and exclusively for ADE 2020.

ADE reserves the right to reject artworks that incorporate wrongful use of the trademarks, as well as designs without any recognisable ADE presence.