Amsterdam Dance Event

18/19/20/21/22 Oct 2017



Amsterdam’s catchy, sexy, filthy sound comes straight from the decks of Hot-Mama Wannabe A Star. Starting her career as a dancer she came down with the DJ virus in 1996 when she lost control on Miami's Winter Music Conference. Soon she became the face of German Eurodance group 'Nomansland' with hits '7 seconds' and 'Fantasy'. A year later her DJ career was a fact.

Always different than most, Wannabe A Star collaborated with dancers she knew from the past. 1998 was the beginning of the famous duo Wannabe-a-Star and Miss B-have. When those two stepped behind the decks nobody could predict what was going to happen in the next few hours. At first the audience was puzzled and shocked. Was it a serious DJ set? Or strictly for the underground? Are they professional pole dancers? Or fashion-bitches from hell? The answer for most of the clubbers came when DJ Wannabe a Star started to get deeper into her eclectic music style, while Miss B-have did her parody of a Vegas Showgirl.
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