BrotherHood Music

BrotherHood Music

BHM (Shenzhen Brotherhood Music Culture Media Co., Ltd) is widely known for investing, operating and promoting the International IPs CREAMFIELDS (Europe’s Top-3 EDM festival) and Q-DANCE (World’s largest hardstyle EDM music festival brand) in China. In addition, BHM runs the domestic IPs LICHT, SHOCK and REBORN Festival, while also having established it 360* artist management and booking agency B.E.A.M and operating a 3.000 cap venue named RB755 in Shenzhen. Next to participating in over 20+ Festivals all over China and 150+ club shows in 30+ Chinese cities, BHM is also involved in music festival integrated marketing planning, stage & show production design and International artist management services. All with different International and domestic partners and following a clear vision on fully creating a local electronic music culture ecosystem.

BHM 深圳市兄弟时光文化传媒有限公司,因在中国主办欧洲第三大电音节——

Creamfields、世界最大 Hardstyle 电音节——Q-dance 以及投资其他音乐节项目而被业内熟知。除此之外,BHM 持有原创 IP:LICHT 柒曜、SHOCK 共振时代、REBORN 音乐节,全方位艺人培养管理&Booking 公司 BEAM、线下场地 RB755。至今 BHM 兄弟时光已在中国 30 多座城市成功举办 20 余场电音节以及 150 余场夜店演出,并将业务范围拓展至音乐节整合营销策划、舞美设计搭建、国际艺人管理服务等多个领域,全面打造电子音乐文化传播生态系统。

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