Todd Royall (JP)

Todd Royall is an experienced and dedicated DJ and Producer based in Amsterdam. Throughout the last ten years, Todd Royall has made a name for himself within the music scene in Tokyo,as a skilled, creative, and innovative DJ/Producer of Progressive-House, Tech House, and Techno. As one of the most versatile DJ’s in the Amsterdam scene, Todd Royall has been known to fit any event or venue, regardless of their preferences. With the ability to spin Dance classics to the latest Tech House and Techno tracks, Todd Royall is considered one of the most capable DJs in the city. Born Tatsuyuki Okawa, Todd Royall began his career as a recording session coordinator in Los Angeles. Throughout his experience, he was afforded the opportunity to work with a number of famous producers, including the Grammy Award winning producers Joe Chiccarelli and Greg Ladanyi. After spending time studying and carefully analyzing their techniques, Todd Royall traveled back to Japan, where he began to produce tracks on his own for a number of Japanese artists. Since then, he has produced a number of successful hits for some of Japan’s top artists in the industry. While spending time producing music in Japan, he also began DJing at local clubs in Tokyo. With an innovative style that brought back the true roots of DJing, Todd Royall used Vinyl to mix and spin electrifying House beats that would ignite the club’s atmosphere and get every last person on the dance floor. He opened up his own recording studio as he aimed to make a shift towards studio production. In his new Tokyo-based production studio, he recorded a number of successful hits for Japanese artists that gained over 1,000,000 streams and downloads, and topped the Japanese Top-40 charts. Today, Todd Royall is based in the city of Amsterdam. After years of producing pop music and DJing at various venues, he decided to relocate himself to Amsterdam with the help of his Dutch colleague and began ghost-producing for a local professional DJ. Todd Royall’s DJ style includes a combination of digital, vinyl, and live sequencing technologies.
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