Theodora Nordqvist (SE)

”In 2009 I decided to quit my day job at one of Sweden’s most renowned PR-agencies to follow my dream and start my own music company. Since then I’ve been pushing and supporting artist careers.” Theodora Nordqvist works as Nordic Label Director at the Sweden-based record company and music distributor Amuse. She started her music industry career by starting her own management, after which she became Swedish CEO of Norwegian Made Management. Since then she has continued to work with a wide range of artists and music companies. Her passion is to push boundaries within the music industry, as well as make artists successful in their own segments while providing smart digital marketing strategies and fun efficient ways to distribute music. Theodora is a Board Member of the Swedish Society for Independent Music Producers and one of the 2018 innovators at Keychange - the pioneering international initiative empowering women in the music industry: ”Realizing that women need to take a higher risk and have a longer way to achievement in the music industry was no news to me, but it was outrageous to learn that no one had ever started a female label. I would love to be a part of changing this reality. My aim is to showcase and present female artists and producers from all over the world.”
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