Terrace (NL)

Throughout the years, Stefan has carefully spread out his creativity over a number of musical alter egos. He saved his purest, most minimal productions for REC and Con Man, while the more accessible, melodic and melancholic techno was released under the Terrace name. Experiments with the Roland TB303 bass synthesizer found their place in the live shows and jam sessions of the Acid Junkies, together with Harold de Kinderen. With the Acid Junkies, Stefan played parties and festivals all over the world. And since 1992 he has operated Eevo Lute Muzique, a record company specializing in abstract and modern electronic music in its broadest form. The label has brought forth over 40 releases during recent years. After a refreshing pause in the period 1998 to 2001 the label resumed its activities last year, with renewed energy and lots of good music on the way! EevoNext is a fully digital web label emerging from the fundaments of Eevo Lute Muzique, one of the most influential techno labels from the Netherlands. Started in November 2006, it brings a bi-monthly release of a featured artist as a high quality download with emphasis on quality and playability. Available from the EEVONEXT.COM web store and established online stores like iTunes, Beatport and others. Robbers’ other projects include a concert with a 30-piece symphony orchestra in Jyvaskyla (Finland), a multimedia live show accompanied by video projections for the Tokyo based arts collective Ambient Web, Dutch National VPRO Televisions’ Moondive project and collaboration with a renowned Dutch theatre company for live music & acting performances. To spread the word about his label and music, Stefan has developed an inspiring solo live set that he brings under his techno-alias Terrace. This varied musical performance kicks off in a melodic vein and gradually evolves into a total electronic dance music experience. The live set brings the audience an hour of energetic, funky electronic music: From Detroit to Eindhoven with a smile…
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