Squintek (IT)

Squintek Dj and Producer Born in Italy begins to take its first steps in the world of music at only 15 years. Lived between London and Ibiza he was able to build his success and his musical knowledge through listening to some of the greatest internationally renowned artists. Known to the Tuscan public and beyond, Squintek is recognizable for its musical uniqueness. Receives great satisfaction, performing in major Italian clubs including DokShow, Frau, MDA Lido the Panteraie, Faruk Versilia AreaModena, and in various clubs. His first record is with an Ep of two Tracks with the Label DnC Limited. Thanks to his passion for techno and tech-house music he comes out with a single track "See You Later" on Biosfere Record. He comes out with a various artist on Binary404 Record with the track "Kontrol" He recently released on I tech connect record with the track Poison in collaboration with Fabio MC and his latest release with the Croatian label the Technodrome by djOgi with the track Target created with Fabio MC. Currently Resident Dj At MDA proud to be part of this spelendido project known and consolidated for years now
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