SIre G (DE)

Sire_g (Giuseppe Sorbo), began making music in 2007 on German label Autist Records, then approached to dj-ing he getting the chance to play at some small local venues and festivals, experimenting and improving his technical skill. His best works under Autist Records, “My Personal Trainer EP”, has been blowing up the charts reaching in short times very high positions in Beatport minimal chart, collecting reviews on net music magazine and has had growing support from some of the top artist in techno scene like pan-pot, Tom Pooks, Bukkador and Fishbeck and others big exponents. The hit was one year later when Danny Tenaglia decided to include in his compilation “Futurism” a revisited version of his track “Cyclette”, giving to him a good reputation in the electronic music scene. In 2009 he moved to Milan, resulting in some brand new projects like collaborations with others producers and a monthly one-night called ‘Circle’, that in a while consolidate a crowd base of people enthusiastic about the genre of music offered in this party.Due to the rising audience and attention, he was asked to play in different clubs outside of Italy,with highlights like a gig in Kassette Records labelnight in Berlin or dj-ing at one of the coolest party in Moscow, NU:Gravity in the exclusive location of Solyanka. His style on productions and dj sets is a mixture of energetic tech-house and groovy deep, focusing on linear rhythmics and organic elements, with catchy melodic hooks. Of course Sire_g music can be described with one basic word for the audience: Danceable. In 2010 he started his own label with Jitzu, called “T-Bahn Records” which will be the mirror for his concept of sound, and where talented emerging artists are invited to experiment and propose sounds always fresh and sophisticated.Actually sire_g play regularly in best events in Sicily and is resident and owner of electronic area at Starlight Party, the southeast music festival in Europe and the bigger electronic music festivals in Sicily, that every August host renamed artist in a wonderful natural reserve. With some tracks already finished and a work in progress live set with his visual partner, he plans to have new tracks released this coming year,presenting to the scene his today vision of music.
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