Paolo (NL)


Starting his musical journey already in his younger years, Paolo always had a broad interest in music that’s “touching the heart”. From classical music to heavy metal howling guitars to energetic electronic music. Following his heart, it always has been goosebumps that were leading the way.

Growing up in the electronic music revolution it was inevitable to make his step into producing and DJ-ing. Influenced more and more by progressive and deep sounds, Paolo developed his own signature style.

With over 10 years of experience playing numerous gigs, he has shared stages with an impressive list of the topline artists in the scene. Going solo or along with best friend Mr Milano he’s to be found in the finest clubs or venues.

After focusing on playing for a long time, Paolo picked up studio production again. Recently he has released his very first tracks on the major platforms. And there’s much more to expect in the near future.

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