Nik Mercer ()

Nik Mercer is a co-owner and -founder of Let's Play House, a New York City-based house, disco, and techno label that began as a roving warehouse party in 2009 and continues to present numerous events, both big and small, to this day. LPH began as a side-project for the Brooklynite and his good friend, Jacques Renault, a DFA Records affiliate and half of Runaway, a duo he was in with L.I.E.S. member Marcos Cabral. Nik's background is in journalism (he was senior editor for Anthem magazine, an L.A.-based publication from 2005 to 2012) and music supervision (he was the assistant to diretor Barry Levinson's go-to for several years). He worked for Red Bull and RBMA from 2013 until just a few months back. Now he's helming Amp.Amsterdam's NYC department and helping the startup bring its European aesthetics, practices, and vision to American soil. If you'd like to know more about LPH, head over to lphnyc.com, facebook.com/letsplayhouse, and soundcloud.com/lphnyc.
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