Robin Kampschoer (NL)

Robin began discovering electronic/techno music in the late 80's, listening to artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills and many others. In the same period, he and some friends started organizing some of the first (then underground) techno parties in the Netherlands. In 1998, after listening to and being involved with techno for more then 10 years, he started buying and experimenting with drum machines, synthesizers, and other equipment, to compose techno music for himself. In 2002, after spending countless hours in his studio, he felt that the time was there to take things to a new level, and began playing his own techno music in front of live audiences in clubs and at techno parties. In the same year, he met another artist, =XTRECIST=, who was composing a different style of electronic music: industrial/hardcore. The two decided to team up for an unique project (from 2002 until 2005), mixing the two styles of electronic music together, and come up with something completely different. In the same period, they also co-hosted the weekly KraakPiep radio show on AirPeace FM, which at the time was the only “non-compromise” radio show for electronic music. Meanwhile, while always shifting the boundaries, and forever questioning the norm (both musically and technologically), Robin's own music has become increasingly minimal and mature, and has resulted in a whole series of live performances, which have been well received. Today, Robin is known for his own distinctive style of music, which fits somewhere between the funky Detroit techno from the likes of Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier, and the minimalistic dub from Berlin sound scientists Basic Channel. Apart from this, Robin is also one of the residents on the notorious Vuig* parties and afterparties, and is hosting the DinsDagDip (Tuesday Dip) radio show on XT3 Radio, with DJ Anoesjka. sometimes, less is more...
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