gome (DE)


You need to see gome playing one of their live or DJ sets and experience the energy these two guys have behind the decks. The duo from Hamburg has been entertaining house heads worldwide for a few years now, but it was in 2022 that gome had their breakthrough with some outstanding releases on Toy Tonics.

gome add that extraordinary raw energy to their sets; their sound would best be described as honest and rough 90s-influenced House, infused with elements of Funk, Disco and Soul. As a live act, they play with an all-hardware /no-computer setup. Deliberately moving away from clean, computerized music, the two musicians are unafraid to pull out their instruments and play live in front of a club audience. It is this instant connection and uniqueness that regularly fills dancefloors in top destinations worldwide, such as Mexico City, Berlin, Tbilisi, London, Milan and Rome.

After only three years, they gained unprecedented support in Germany and beyond their debut EP, released under a previously used alter ego, came out on RSS Disco’s Mireia Records and features remixes and Erobique and Lucky Charmz. Celebrated EPs on the hyped Toy Tonics imprint followed, which have received incredibly great support from top DJs all around the world.

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