Mr. Milano b2b Paolo (NL)

Paolo and Mr Milano joined forces 6 years ago when they created The Incrowd concept. An Amsterdam based techno community with a vibrant history of great gigs at venues like; Sugarfactory, Hotel Arena, Club NL and Club Panama Amsterdam. During their careers, they have played both as individual artist but also during legendary back to back sessions. They have invited many techno heroes to their famous underground Incrowd parties such as; Egbert, Remy, Sasha Carassi, Enrico Sangiuliano, Industrialyzer and many others. Their style varies from techhouse to techno depending on the venue and gig and both of them can turn an ordinary club night into a real rave party. Nowadays Paolo and mr Milano can be found behind the decks of Club NL and Panama Amsterdam, where they hold a residency at notorious techno concept “Tram 10”.
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