Mohabitat (IT)

["Mohabitat are Monoki and Hamaranta, sound and visual.\u2028Thanks to their passion for sound and visual they separetly started a collaboration in studio for audio and video productions. In few months they became a duo, working together to explain their feelings using musical instruments, laptops and video software. In 2013 they started live performances like Monoki&Hamaranta, collaborating with Club 999 and Freaky Deaky crew, a brand that launched a successful party- series in the area of Prato, Tuscany. \n2015 marked the year of Mohabitat. The time to finally write and produce quality music and visual together had come. Monoki and Hamaranta locked themselves in their studio with a clear picture in mind of what they wanted and needed to do. Inspired by modern Techno and Post-Rock\/Electronic feelings, they produced atmospheric songs that were influenced by melodic and emotional elements. Their approach to different arts is the key to find and make a personal style in every live set and different locations: clubs, theaters and art exhibitions. \nActually they are collaborating with Electrovinyl (Rome) and Cube Staff (Florence\/Tenax).\u2028\nAP","PAR","AT is a multimedia work by Mohabitat preserved by Contemporary Arts Center \u201cLuigi Pecci\u201d (Prato, Milan)."]
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