Milan van Houten (NL)

Speaker (Label Manager, Van Klasse)

Milan van Houten is label manager at the hip-hop record label Van Klasse and Creative Manager at Cloud 9 Music. He also manages artists and producers such as Esko (known for his hits such as 'Hey Meisje’), THEZ (known for his productions for artists such as Josylvio, Lijpe, Jack and Emms) & Gubes (producer of tracks such as Jongen van Bodem ). Van Klasse was founded by Stacey Walroud, better known as producer Esko. A young boy with ambitions. Stacey wanted to do everything in his power to make music work. We work every day to make Van Klasse a little bigger, so that as many talented young people as possible can be supported to get the best out of themselves and to break through with their talent.

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