Michael Lang ()

A music industry icon and entrepreneur, Michael is best known for co-creating and producing the original 1969 Woodstock Festival. He is a founding partner in Woodstock Ventures. Michael has managed and produced albums for dozens of top musical acts, including Billy Joel and Joe Cocker, and is the founder and CEO of Just Sunshine Records and MLO, a live event and film production company. He produced New York’s AmsterJam, Woodstock 1994 and 1999 and dozens of events around the world. Michael’s 2010 biography, The Road to Woodstock was a New York Times Bestseller. Current projects include developing a 850-acre outdoor music venue in Saugerties New York (home of the 1994 Woodstock Festival), a Broadway Musical based on Woodstock 69, and with partner Paul Green (School of Rock founder) is developing The Woodstock Music Lab, a two year College level Music School.
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