Marcus Gehring (NL)

As a young child, Marcus was always smashing and playing on mom's kitchen equipment. So at the age of 6, Marcus got lucky and started to take music lessons. Playing the saxophone in a band, big band and orchestra, gave him a wide interest in musical styles. Years later, in '97 he was allowed at the Royal School of Music (The Hague) to study Sonology a study of sound. His interest in the upcoming house music in the 90's, didn't really match the (abstract) study of sound. So he decided to drop Sonology, buy some turn-tables and start dj-ing.. and so he did. First started playing in several bars in Amsterdam, and later in many clubs and at festivals. Well-known for his tight mixes, he drops a wide range of tracks to try to create that perfect mix of deep but danceable and up and out when needed. The last years he taught himself to produce and his first releases where a realized. His productions varies from house, tech-house to techno. Mostly with a deep touch. Since 2007 Marcus is organizing parties together with Jama named 'Hertz_'. The Hertz_nights always begins with upcoming (live) artist, followed by leading artist in the electronic music scene. Today he is working more and more in the studio, always trying to get his music ? to the next level? , and not without succeeding! We will expect a release soon on a big international label Since 2008 Marcus is collaborating with Amsterdam based Piekup Agency.
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