Lisa May (AU)


Lisa May is an Indigenous Australian Techno DJ and producer known for the dark and heavy sounds of her production. Her deep and driving live sets have earned her the attention and support of renowned Techno artists from around the globe.

For over a decade, Lisa has filled dance floors as a DJ, showing a dynamic and energetic connection with the crowd that has gained her a loyal following. In her flawless and crowd engaging digital DJ sets today, it is clear that her origin in, and mastery of playing on vinyl has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. On the production front Lisa has been dedicated to finessing her sound;

Time well spent as Lisa recently signed a 3 track EP to Victor Ruiz’s Volta Records with a second EP in the works. Lisa’s Techno productions consistently make the Beatport top 100 Techno charts, gaining her recognition and mentorship from her peers, and has seen her music played on Drumcode Radio, and have gained the attention of electronic big hitters, such as Victor Ruiz, Alex Lentini, and ASYS.

What’s more, ANNA and Wehbba recently selected and played her track ‘Want You’ as part of their top 25 tracks for an online producer competition. Some of the artists supporting Lisa's tracks include Riva Starr, Joseph Capriati, Eddie Halliwell, Sisko Electrofanatic, UMEK and Luigi Madonna. In 2021, Lisa had three tracks on Australian labels each making the Techno Top 100 on Beatport and the Australian Aria charts. Originally from the small town of Nabiac and now residing in Melbourne Lisa’s love of Techno is well cultivated from her home

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