Having been raised in a musical family, Kya had chosen to realise his ambition to become a D.J. at 14 years old. He was taught by his older colleague DJ Cappy, He preferred Eclectic music and decided to entertain the nightclub scene with this style. he first learned how to D.J. with Vinyl records, and because of the experiences Kya accumulated throughout the years as a D.J., he eventually was able to sell out full venues. After that he chose to further his career alone, after a six year long collaboration. In early 2011 Kya performed at the ''Dirty Urban festival'' in Sweden, in front of 2000 people. This performance turned out to be a promising start to his solo career. During the summer of 2012, he took stage during the Great caribbean festival ''Antilliaanse Feesten''. He also gave a spectacular show in front of a 2500 strong crowd, who didn't seem to get enough of his extremely entertaining performance as a D.J. He also won the ''Dancetour DJ Knock-out'' award in 2012, and because of this he was allowed to play during ''Dancetour'' events, for larger audiences. He played at the ''Kings & Queens Christmas edition 2014 in Hardersplaza Harderwijk, for which he also made a promotional mixtape. Besides this he played at many different nightclubs throughout The Netherlands. What truly makes Kya unique and what distinguises him from other D.J.s is his talent and passion for music, in combination with a strong will to finish every night with a bang. He challenges himself to perform in many different nightclubs, in front of a great variety of audiences, who are looking for an unforgettable night out. So musical choice plays an important role. Because of his great energy and adrenaline rushes he experiences while playing, he has the ability to get the crowed fully involved. There are great gear changes in the Eclectic scene, which creates an optimal experience for the crowd, at any time of the night, from beginning to end. He cleverly plays to the wishes of a broad target-group, which ranges from young people to older crowds. To keep everyone happy and dancing, he predominantly plays old-school music for the older party-goers, which always elicits a sense of nostalgia in them, and keeps them on the dance-floor. Comtemporary music is played for the young folks, for they will be most familiar with it. Kya is only satisfied when he feels the love and passion from everyone in the room. That's when he becomes truly unstoppable. Due to experience, Kya has learned how to effectively build up his sets. This is done by asking for feedback from the crowd, and carefully analyzing what they have to say. This is then used as a resource to perfect his performance. Kya has also proven to be a very talented producer. He possesses his own professional sound-studio, in which he works as a highly skilled beat-producer. He creates beats for many different genres and music styles. he also works together with popular artists, he mixes his own music, and releases the final product himself. Kya has definately become a professional. This is true because as a D.J., producer, and event organizer, he studies his audience from different perspectives, and knows exactly how to offer them an unforgettable night. He leaves a positive impression on people wherever he goes. Because of this, he gets booked more and more often. This truly defines Kya and it strengthens his image as a talented DJ / Producer
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