Kroxxx (NL)

The origine of KROXXX starts where a DJ and a MC, who've been working together for several years, ended their careers to start with a new journey with a complete different approach. KROXXX formaly known as Waylon Pereira & Dress (WP&D) are well known for their high energetic performance and their “let’s live today” mentality. Instead of a simple DJ and MC set, they wanted to interact more with the crowd and show everybody that there is a way to put a powerfull act on stage with slices of different entertainment elements. KROXXX has a lot of experience on stage and in the music industry. They know how to entertain their audience. Also they have performed on a lot of international stages. From big clubs in Qatar and Dubai to the tropical beaches of the islands of South-America and a lot of European places. You name it and they’ve been there. KROXXX want to entertain people with different genres of music “Pop, Dance, Electro, Etc. (Eclectic/Mash-Ups)”. Giving the crowd a moment never to forget, is what KROXXX lives for!
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