Isabelle Naud (ES)


Introducing Izzy (Isabelle) Naud, a seasoned Qi Gong facilitator and Tai Chi Master with a deep passion for holistic wellness and a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by electronic music professionals. With years of experience in the world of health and wellbeing, Izzy brings a refreshing perspective to the intersection of traditional practices and modern lifestyles.

Having spent a decade immersed in the electronic music industry in Paris, Beijing, Amsterdam and Barcelona, Izzy possesses a firsthand understanding of its fast-paced demands. From marketing and communications to event organization and even hosting a podcast, Izzy's journey in the industry was multifaceted and dynamic. However, when she created her own artist management agency, the toll of such a demanding lifestyle ultimately led to a burnout. It was during this crucial turning point that Izzy discovered the transformative power of Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With over two decades of dedicated practice, Izzy has been cultivating her expertise in these ancient arts. Starting her journey with kung fu in the year 2000, Izzy has delved deep into its intricate forms and philosophies. This journey expanded to embrace tai chi in 2005, which she’s not only practiced extensively but also taught since 2014. The art of Qi Gong entered Izzy's life in 2005, becoming an essential component of her routine, and she’s been sharing its benefits through teaching since 2018.

This transformative journey led Izzy to train rigorously, eventually becoming a health and wellbeing coach. Today, Izzy stands as a powerful advocate for these ancient practices, utilizing her own experience to guide and uplift other electronic music professionals facing similar challenges.

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