Ink (GB)

First begins the Pirate Radio Circuit, working hard at his craft, allowing the followers to get familiar with the roll, steadlily bookings began to build up and soon it would be time for Ink to become associated with three names that changed the landscape of British electronic music-and they were Basement Records, and slightly later Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware If your familiar with drum n bass/jungle you’ll know instantly the weight these labels carry, and if you are not by just scratching the surface you’ll become aware of the work they have done, Hardware, and Metalheadz are two commitments Dj Ink has upheld to this day, through thick and thin, engraved in the wall of time... Essential work includes “The 50th (Blueprint)”on Basement Records, ‘Feel da heat’ taken from the LP ‘Can u draw sound?’ on Architecture Recordings, ‘Kaos Theory Ep’ on Renegade Hardware, ‘Shine’ on Metalheadz, and the now infamous posse cut ‘Instinct’ Also on Architecture, this is just a small fraction by Ink that has made waves. Horsemen, Unifying the four corners... In order to find strength in numbers and to truly be able to judge how far the sound has travelled you can look to the international crew of beat-makers alligned under the Horsemen banner. Originally 4 UK london artists Dj Ink, Loxy, Keaton+Dylan, and then expanded to include Countries such as Canada, Brazil,The USA and Puerto Rico, Ink worked with Renegade Hardware to Realize two Lp’s from the Horsemen Camp and orchestrated various other Projects for Architecture.
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