Ide Koffeman ()

Ide Koffeman has been around for a while now in the Dutch music bizz. Working as a promoter for venues and festivals throughout the country for over ten years and bringing new creative concepts and content along. In 2013 he joined Mojo Concerts to set up a new festival. Down The Rabbit Hole was born. After three editions the three day festival around the lake in the beautiful Groene Heuvels (Green Hills) has grown to 22K visitors. It's is highly appreciated (inter)nationally for it's high end standards regarding look & feel and creative content, next to a killer line up every year (last year starring The National, Anohni, Flume, Mura Masa, John Talabot a.m.o). The festival already got rewarded at the European Festival Awards (Best New Festival) and last years edition was awarded as the best festival in The Netherlands.
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