Humanety (IT)

Federico Manenti, also known as "Humanety" was born in 1991 in Genova. He grows maturing his passion for music, today he is a young talented artist who makes his debut in the International DJ scene and in music production with a very wide musical panorama, his style can be considered "at 360 degrees", techno, house, commercial , edm, psy / trance. He attends the Diskotic Records & Lab and takes his first steps in the musical environment debuting in the afterparty and in the reality of the national radio obtaining in a short time the possibility of playing in the most important time slot; experience that will allow him through the international group "Spinnin Live" to attend the French coast and to cross the borders thanks to their worldwide live webs. The time spent in his studio allow him to reach some of the most important labels like the Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. Strengthened by these experiences he begins to make his way into national clubs and events (2 editions of Reload Events Armageddon) and thanks to his talent and determination he manages to reach the mainstages of clubs on the international scene such as the Noa (Top 100 djmag club in Croatia).
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