Einmusik (DE)

Artist & Speaker
10 Years between studio and club, between airport halls, cold tea, and afterparties. 10 Years dusty shoes and endorphin after one of those gigs under the burning sun. 10 Years dragging cases and hotel life. Einmusik is an electronic musician who took the ladder step by step. Hard work, romantic breaks, hard disks full of ideas, and the mind full of inspiring moments made him a well-known producer & Live-Act over time. He released his productions on Bouq, Diynamic, Liebe Detail, Italic and his home base Einmusika Recordings, did Remixes for Noir, Egoexpress, Nicole Moudaber, Solee, Aka Aka, Tube & Berger, Soff O. and many more. Subsequently, he was invited all over the world and collected many flight hours. After ten years, in a Berlin backyard, his studio became a place for friends and fellows, a place that feels right and gives him the safety for his bold productions. In celebration of his anniversary, Einmusik releases a collection of tracks which were vital for him and his career. All these songs still catching the crowd as he plays them the first time. On top, you will find three new pieces, which were produced in the capital heat of this summer and which are bundling the energy and elegance of the new Einmusik chapter on a high-class niveau.
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