DJ Gustin (IE)

Gustin began dj’ing in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, playing inner city house parties and illegal after hours clubs in the mid 90′s. Soon after he decided to pack his bags and move to London, where he became immersed in the UK house scene that was exploding in the mid-90s. After a few years in the London scene, the travel bug caught him again, culminating in a move to Australia where he teamed up with the Silky crew, playing a series of unforgettable events Down Under. On moving to Holland soon after the millennium, Gustin made contact with the Jayhwalk crew. This resulted in an excellent high-profile residency in the centre of the city. This slot, saw him perform alongside the likes of industry stalwarts such as Matthew Dekay, Halo & Hippee and Francesco Pico. Amsterdam’s scene was enriched further by Gustin´s own promotion, called House of Progress (HoP). This gave Gustin the opportunity to spin regular seven hour solo sets, as well as attracting appearances from international names such as Steve Porter and Austin Leeds. Following a re-location back to London he has in recent years been playing at clubs such as Pacha London and festivals like Secret Garden Party. He is a regular guest at the Floorplay night in Amsterdam alongside rising star and promotor Paul Sparkes, playing with the likes of Danny Howells, 16 Bit Lolitas and more. Gigs in Sarajevo, Ibiza, Italy and Australia have followed and Gustin has now once again packed his bags and moved, this time to Ibiza, ahead of the summer 2015 season. For those who have not experienced Gustin at work, quite simply he has the infectious ability to make a dance floor move from the bottom up. His blend of lush, pumping, tech prog funk-fuelled and filthy house music has been devastating dance floors across the globe for over fifteen years.
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