Cecilio (ES)

Although born and raised in Cordoba, in southern Spain, the most significant steps Cecilio made into the musical world, have taken place in two very relevant cities, musically speaking, as Bristol and Berlin. In the first one he soaked the Jamaican culture that prevails in the city, and in Berlin he finally directed his steps towards club music, which makes sense, since from the beginning, the root of his sound had a strong afro-american character, especially influenced by the sounds that flowed from Chicago and Detroit. In any case, beyond genres and labels, Cecilio is a real digger and treasures a vinyl collection dating from the late nineties, but spanning several decades of music with soul. On his shelves and record bags, you usually find a kaleidoscope covering genres like Funk, Disco, Afro, Dub and Breaks, and above all, an amalgam of House and Techno with special emphasis on the Deep component. A record bag that has walked through all kinds of clubs throughout Spain, Europe, America and Asia, since he began DJ'ingin the early twenty-first century, and have made him a respected music selector with a strong eclectic character. All this has fermented with his latest project, as co-founder alongside several friends and colleagues, of the Berlin based record label and collective "Slow LIfe", which with only a few references, has positioned themselves as one of the most solid products in the German capital. With an eye on the dance floor, and one in the bag, awake and attentive to the vibration that permeates the room, Cecilio is always ready to share his soul and exquisite musical taste.
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