Carlos Barbosa (NL)

Carlos Barbosa born and raised in the Netherlands with Surinam(southAmerica) roots. Put on his first record at age of 5 and he was instantly infected by the virus. American producers working in The Netherlands with eye for Carlos Barbosa's talents landed him a runners job in their recordingstudio. Carlos Barbosa started his career at Quiet Storm Studios Netherlands under the supervision of (CEO)Darrel Bell. Carlos Barbosa learning elements of engineering at first , came no where near record producing. Finally heavily influenced by music, he started defining how one produces music. Now years later he found his way, today Carlos Barbosa has serviced songs for Multiple Recording Artists, Compilation cds and Record companies from around the world. Front page reviews in nationwide and international blogs/magazines set him off as a staying factor within the music industry. Increasingly influenced by the electronic sounds filtering across from the western part of Europe and the USA, he signed with the a Dutch respected House Music Label, the biggest at that time Rhythm Import Records. After having released music on : Rhythm Records, EMI Music, Universal Music USA and Europe, 8Ball Music, SONY BMG, Byte Records Belgium, Berk Music and B-Bass music he is now currently focusing on his work over at 6N7 Music, Hi Bias Records , First Class Music , Cr2/Dirty Dutch Records and Play Records. Remixing for numerous labels all across the world. Carlos Barbosa has grown into one of the more refreshing and sought after Vocalistic Producing and songwriting Djs at this moment. With many charted hits under his belt, this Dj has created big headlines throughout 12 years of active duty. Playing live for thousands on all the biggest and most popular events & clubs around the world.
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