Like with most the story starts at a young age. Combined with a natural love for music and curiosity he started experiencing with music at a very young age. The career started taking form in 2011 when a simple setup was acquired to prepare his path into the music world. The first steps into the club scene were taken next to Dj Toxic who became a mentor which resulted in a resident spot at “Regisseur” where he also played alongside Dj Warlord. The grind came when he had to move to “Desperados” where he got a carte blanche. From that moment on Bum started playing sets of New School hip hop combined with some old school flavors and Dancehall. Seems like an odd combination but growing up with the music of Bob Marley and Notorious BIG it was not more then natural he would combine this with his thirst for new tracks. From time to time he would mix in some House music to get a feel on beat matching and style shifting which helped me develop my current style. Next up on was Black Events were he got invited to perform and ended up becoming a permanent team member on their Saturday events in Ostende. This gave him the opportunity to play alongside dj’s such as Uneak, Sake and Simon Sez as well as performing the warm up for international artist Gyptian known for his hit “Hold You”.
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