Bindu De Knock (NL)

Speaker (CrossLink Legal)

Bindu De Knock specialises in music and entertainment law, intellectual property and commercial contracts. She represents clients in the music and entertainment industry, the art world, creative industries and consumer products (fashion & design). She is seasoned adviser and negotiator of contracts for DJ’s, music producers, songwriters vocalists, artists, labels, publishers and other entertainment professionals.

Bindu wrote the book Noot voor Noot: an introduction to music law (www.nootvoornoot.com). She is a writer for several music magazines and lectures regularly at Abbey Road Institute, Artez Hogeschool and international SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Institute, where she also obtained a diploma in audio engineering. In her spare time she produces music.

Bindu studied at the University of Leiden. Bindu previously worked at NautaDutilh and niche IP firms.

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