Andy Cato (GB)

Speaker (Groove Armada)

Andy Cato has been part of Groove Armada, one of the worlds most recognised electronic music acts, since the late 90s. Alongside with Tom Findlay, GA have toured extensively all over the world as both a full band and DJ duo, he's charted inside Top 10 with 4 separate albums whilst also pursuing solo projects outside the group throughout his career.

Following the band being put on ice for a few years back in 2011 whilst the guys went back to producing more underground focused house music, Andy, following the chance discovery of an article on sustainable farming, decided to pursue this interest and bought a farm near Gers, France.

Starting as a total novice, Andy has gone onto create a successful and sustainable farm specialising the growing of ancient grains and ideas centred around Permaculture. He now plans to open a bakery in London, whilst at the same time regularly performing with Tom as Groove Armada. Following the success of their short GA21 tour last year, Tom and Andy have taken their live show back on the road this summer with headline shows at festivals such as Wilderness and Boomtown. Groove Armada are currently working on a new album which is set for release in early 2020.

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